Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tampa Bay STEM Conference- August 22-23, 2013

Excited to be a part of this event

As a young learner, math and science were my enemies, or so I thought. Much later, I realized I really did like math and science, I just could not understand it as presented and taught in school. I needed to experience concepts, not just read about them.

Learning in my father's shop was a different learning experience. I could be innovative, creative, try new ideas. Experiment. Discover. Work toward new solutions. 

 Inquisitive, I wondered how things worked. Hours in my father's wood shop found me experimenting with pulleys, building "launchers" with wood scraps, using tools, collaborating with my brothers to find creative ways to "put things together".

As I peered out Dad's wood shop window, I pondered how I could pick fresh wild blackberries (as quickly as possible) to sell along the country roadside. So began my entrepreneurial pursuits. There were so many ways I learned math and science, from gardening and animal care to imitating Dad's bird calls and identifying plants.

Mom made math understandable, essential to cooking and canning sessions together. Then there was my hand-crafted beaded jewelry business, yet another entrepreneurial venture. 

My early learning experiences set a foundation for my future, from the way I process and apply information to how I educate my children. The experiences in Dad's wood shed and Mom's kitchen contributed to those abilities. I only thought math and science were my enemies.

That is why I'm

excited to be a speaker at this event!

Science, technology, engineering, and math can be real and meaningful. These topics can be understood. It just might not "look" how we thought it might. This event will encourage and inspire parents as they learn practical ways to teach these often intimidating topics.

Tell us about the meaningful learning experiences you have had in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Or, tell us about a unique way you have taught concepts in these areas. Readers who leave a comment to this blog post will be entered in a random drawing to win a copy of my book, Geometry

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  1. And the winner is...Michelle Brownell! Michelle has won a copy of my book, Geometry...hands-on math for little learners. Congratulations, Michelle!