Friday, February 21, 2014

Lewis and Clark and Yahtzee

"MOM!" One excited learner yells while running from backyard to front.
"Come quick!" Another shouts, following three feet behind. 
"Look what we made!" Two voices joined in unison. 

We had just finished reading The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by Ormonde De Kay (Step Up Books).
Imaginations were churning. Thinking.
Dad had just finished trimming bushes.  
Branches piled along the driveway, waiting to be bundled in twine. Perfect.
Imaginations and dad's trimmings, a perfect combination to bring history to life. 

The result: A lean-to in along the back wall of the house. Creative! Ingenious! Fun!

"Watch how we can climb in!" 
"I bet Lewis and Clark had to make these!"

"Can we eat dinner in here?"

(Sure, why not! I used to eat dinner in treehouses when I was young and pretending.)

When explorer tummies were full and baths washed away dirt, we sat down around the coffee table to play a family game of Yahtzee--notice the arrow doodles on the bottom of the page!

"Mom, do we have any other books about Lewis and Clark. We want to learn more!"
"They were amazing!"

Product Details

Let's look in the (home) library.

Meriwether Lewis, Boy Explorer (Childhood of Famous Americans
Learning leaps into a new day. 

What will we learn tomorrow?

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