Friday, October 19, 2012

Gettysburg Resources

Studying the Civil War? If you are attending the Living History Performance Gettysburg: The Second Day presented by Bob Farewell at Killarney Baptist Church, October 20, you might find you will be soon if your children carry their curiosity home with them. If you aren't attending you may still find these resources helpful for future Gettysburg or related studies. There are Internet links, living books and biographies. Please understand I am not endorsing a viewpoint on the Civil War and I would encourage parents to view, read or do research about the resources below before placing in the hands (or eyes and ears) of your child(ren).


Living Books
Informational and Activity Books

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sticky Letters Become Words

"Mom! Can I have these!" 

Our youngest, a budding emergent reader, emergent speller happened upon a large sheets of 2-inch peel off brightly-colored sticky letters. A gold mine! Within 40 minutes she had completed the equivalent of a month's worth of spelling lessons, without tears, without coercion. Best of all, she remembered the words she spelled, days later. A win-win-win situation. Learning, fun, retention. That is what I call a productive day!