Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spelling and Hair Cuts

"Mom, can I go with you to your haircut?"

Sure. Impromptu date with one of my littles. Who could pass up such an opportunity?

On the car ride to the salon, the little discovered she had a small tablet and pencil in her "purse". She pulled it out and exclaimed, "Mom, I can do my spelling! I will just look for words."


The drive went unusually fast, probably because we were busy looking for words, spelling.

We arrived and parked.

My daughter eagerly carried her tablet into the salon, dreaming aloud of the words she would find.

As I took the salon chair and greeted my stylist, my heart warmed as I noticed my daughter walking, pausing at each station to write.



My stylist watched my daughter intently, thoughtfully, perhaps a bit too intently as I watched ALOT of hair fall to the ground.

He finished cutting my hair. I noticed the cut was a bit shorter than usual.

Short hair. Four pages of words.Natural spelling. A testimony to the unique opportunities home education provides. Nothing beats a child excited about learning, smiling at her accomplishments. Those moments are valuable. The hair, it will grow back.