Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Chapter in Our High School Story

Second high school student, second read through the story, I should be on top of this, right? Wrong! This has been a not-so-normal week (if there is a normal). The unusual circumstances of this week have caused me to stray from my "planning" mode, and hence, the SAT deadlines have crept up on me.

If you have a high school student, it is SAT planning time. The 2009-2010 dates and deadlines are posted. Take a look! Pre-planning will save headaches later (as well as unnecessary late fees).

Check out

Here's a link for a SAT blog I wrote this morning entitled It's SAT Time!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Favorite Memories

Today was our first official day of "school" for the new school year, though we started unofficially last week, or was it the week before? Sometimes the lines of life and learning are so blurred. But, that is a topic for another blog.

Today we spent part of the day building a Duplo city, complete with towers, garages, houses, and stores. People milled about the main street. Cars raced about recklessly. Dialogue saturated the living room. Creators collaborated about city essentials. Ice Cream Shoppe? You bet! It was essential.

After each child had a chance to read aloud to mom, the three oldest girls listened to an entire audio book. Gracious! I didn't stop the enthusiasm. I made dinner, did laundry and helped a high schooler write Geometry proofs.

We greeted Dad after his arrival home from his first day of school. The older boys headed out for the evening and after the dinner dishes were done, we settled on the couch to start a new read- aloud. The girls have been enjoying titles from the Boxcar Children series. I love these books. The siblings in the books work together to solve a problem, speaking with kind words, and acting with thoughtfulness. What a refreshing series! Definitely a change from the examples we often see in the world.

Regardless of whether it was the first day of "school" or not, it was memorable.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flip Three Pancakes Reviewed in Take Root and Write

Meredith Curtis reviewed my book, Flip Three Pancakes with One Spatula, this week in Take Root and Write.

Flip Three Pancakes is a math curriculum and a cookbook packed with ideas to teach math while preparing meals with children ages 3-8. The activities included in the book are based on grade level skills taught in K-2nd grade and have been used in our life learning adventures.

Check out the review at: (scroll down to page 26)

The same review was posted at Joyful and Successful Homeschooling Reviews:

Need an apron or chef's hat for your cooking adventures? Check out this week's fabric colors at The aprons make great gifts, too.

Happy cooking!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two NEW Blogs for Home Schooling Families

Helpful tidbits. Resources. Sage wisdom. All this and more can be found in two NEW blogs built by my friend Virginia Knowles. Start Well is for families who are just beginning the homeschooling journey and Continue Well will encourage those of us who are in the midst of middle school. These blogs are the building blocks for Finish Well, a blog to help high schooling families. Virginia has asked me to be a contributing blogger to all three. A perfect place for a momma who has children at every stage!

I am thrilled about the resources families will have at their fingertips. Tell your friends to check back often as each of the blogs has several contributing authors.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Link to Storybook History

A friend sent me a link she knew I would enjoy. She was right. It's a blog written by children's book extraordinaire Gladys Hunt. Gladys Hunt has written several titles including well-known and loved, Honey for A Child's Heart.

Here's the link:

I hope you enjoy the link (and others by Ms. Hunt) as much as I did!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is the Day...

This is the day the LORD has made! Yes, and this is the day my DH returns from the Dominican Republic and my DS returns from Mexico. Both served people living in poverty.

Mike, part of a team of 38, accompanied 10 at-risk teens on their journey to serve people in poverty greater than their own. It was an adventure which took planning, patience, and perseverance as these teens prepared with passports and packing. Several had not been out of the city, others had never stepped foot on a plane. They return this afternoon. Can't wait to see them!

My DS, a student leader with his youth group, has been gone for 2 weeks. His adventure began as a 24-hour trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he attended training to build water purifiers. From Aqua Clara, he boarded a plane, headed back to Orlando, into a Centra Care for an ear infection and joined the Mexico team, already on the first day of their journey (what a quick 36 hours that was!) Team Mexico departed Orlando headed to Chihuahua to build water purifiers for the poverty-stricken people of the Brickyard. I have followed their blog, but can't wait to hear the stories face-to-face!

So, my children are more than excited, kind of like soda pop which has been shaken, ready to explode. We'll tidy the house, make it smell sweet (remember, it is the girls here at home...and DS #2 who has been an amazing help with yard work and upkeep), and prepare for excitement beyond the midnight hour (DS's plane lands at 11:00). The girls already told me they are not going to bed until everyone is back home.

This is the day the LORD has made! We wait eagerly for it to unfold. What does GOD have planned for this day He prepared for YOU?