Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Favorite Memories

Today was our first official day of "school" for the new school year, though we started unofficially last week, or was it the week before? Sometimes the lines of life and learning are so blurred. But, that is a topic for another blog.

Today we spent part of the day building a Duplo city, complete with towers, garages, houses, and stores. People milled about the main street. Cars raced about recklessly. Dialogue saturated the living room. Creators collaborated about city essentials. Ice Cream Shoppe? You bet! It was essential.

After each child had a chance to read aloud to mom, the three oldest girls listened to an entire audio book. Gracious! I didn't stop the enthusiasm. I made dinner, did laundry and helped a high schooler write Geometry proofs.

We greeted Dad after his arrival home from his first day of school. The older boys headed out for the evening and after the dinner dishes were done, we settled on the couch to start a new read- aloud. The girls have been enjoying titles from the Boxcar Children series. I love these books. The siblings in the books work together to solve a problem, speaking with kind words, and acting with thoughtfulness. What a refreshing series! Definitely a change from the examples we often see in the world.

Regardless of whether it was the first day of "school" or not, it was memorable.


  1. Great school day, Cheryl. Good for you! My "Baby Girl" is devouring those Boxcar Children books, too. It is a good series, especially the books written by the original author. And our newest Read Aloud is 2000 leagues under the sea. Nice to hear about your "first day".

  2. Reading through some of my post, I stumbled across your comment and wondered how you are. What's your newest read-aloud?