Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Will Happen Next?

Caught between the unfolding events, I wonder what will happen next? What will the next paragraph reveal? What shadow does this sentence cast on the next chapter? My life is an eloquently-written classic penned by The Author and I sit on the edge of a paragraph waiting to see how today's actions will unfold and impact the rest of the story. It is a masterpiece.

I remind myself not to want to read ahead, but to enjoy today's chapter. The sights and the sounds, to take them in, to relish them. As I focus on today's action, I find myself content, patient, joyous and full of gratitude. This is how the author intended me to read this masterpiece, this classic. He hoped I would not skip ahead, impatiently reading what might spoil today's joy.

Tomorrow will reveal new events, new characters, new lessons but I pray I can be content to enjoy today's amazing paragraph and not read ahead.

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  1. Cheryl,

    I really like this, thinking of a life story as a book. And then, applying the kinds of skills good readers apply. That is, not to peek ahead, (though tempted) but at the same time, to use the story's information and try to look forward, to do a bit of predicting what comes next - yet always ready for the surprise of a new turn in the plot.

    And more - as a skilled reader begins to detect themes in a story - to do that also: is my life characterized in a particular way? Is there a theme underlying the unique and specific way I use the gifts and talents He gave me? Is one theme of my life rooted in serving young and small ones (Jesus loved them); or in supporting wise but weary friends; or (me here) training a puppy so that a child in a wheelchair can have a companion, not only as a helper, but as a constant and loving friend - a living image, perhaps, of that other constant and loving Friend?

    There's also that sense of curiosity and wonder at hoping to discover more of the Author's pupose by taking the time to read slowly, perhaps looking back at certain sections, paying attention to certain details, words, and phrases. How does this paragraph, this chapter, advance His great story?

    But the best part, for us all, will be at story's end, when the plot reaches its resolution. We finally know how it all ends, what part each character played, all the inter-connections and how they fit together. We see the end - and it is glorious...worth the wait.

    Yes, we remind ourselves, we can be content, enjoy this day's paragraph, or this year's chapter, and not read ahead...

    Thanks for offering foot for thought.

    Shari Kidd