Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Boxcar Finished

Okay, so we are devouring Boxcar Children books. I know devouring books is not normal fare, but a steady appetite for read aloud time is an appetite I want to feed.

Our most recent read was The Mystery of Peacock Hall. It was packed with fascinating information about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello. Timely as well. We had read, earlier in the day, The White House by Jennifer Silate. Another fascinating selection highlighting the chronological history of the White House and its residents. Though we are finished with The Mystery of Peacock Hall, what we learned about Thomas Jefferson remains. In fact, I'm quite sure our next adventure to the library (maybe later today!) will involve a catalog check for resources like the ones below:
  • Meet Thomas Jefferson, Marvin Barrett (Landmark)
  • Thomas Jefferson's Feast, Frank Murphy
  • Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography, James Cross Giblin
  • Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?, Jean Fritz
  • Thomas Jefferson: Voice of Liberty, Andrew Santella
  • Meet Thomas Jefferson, Patricia Pingry
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