Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Makers of America Series Chronological: Living Books Teach History

One of our family's favorite read-aloud series is the Makers of America books. They have taken us from Kitty Hawk to watch the Wright Brothers fly their plane to the wilds of Penn's woods which would eventually be known as Pennsylvania. We have learned history, geography, and science, walking along side some of the brilliant men and women who have made an lasting impact on American history as well as world history. We have loved every sentence of our journey through time. 

I found the first of our collection at a used book sale, for 50 cents. Yes, 50 cents! I searched the internet as well as some of my book resources and could not find a listing of the books (if you find one let me know!). Eventually I was able to purchase another book in the same series and it had a partial listing of the books in the series. From that list, I began collecting these hard to find literary treasures. We have loved every one we have read so far. 

Made in America series 
(may not be a complete listing)

Leif Ericson: Explorer, Ruth Cromer Weir
Christopher Columbus: Discoverer, Alberta Powell Graham (1451-1506)
Champlain: Father of New France, Cecile Pepin Edwards (1574-1653)
Roger Williams: Defender of Freedom, Cecile Pepin Edwards (1603-1683)
La Salle: River Explorer, Alberta Powell Graham (1643-1687)
William Penn: Founder and Friend, Virginia Haviland (1644-1718)
Benjamin Franklin: Printer and Patriot, Ruth Cromer Weir (1706-1790)
George Washington: First President, Elise Ball (1732-1799)
John Paul Jones of the U.S. Navy, Ruth Cromer Weir (1747-1792)
Lafayette: Friend of America, Alberta Powell Graham (1757-1834)
Eli Whitney: Master Craftsman, Miriam Gilbert (1765-1825)
Andrew Jackson: Fighting Frontiersman, Frances Fitzpatrick Wright (1767-1845)
Sam Houston: Fighter and Leader, Frances Fitzpatrick Wright (1793-1863)
Lewis and Clark: Explorers to the West, Madge Haines and Leslie Morrill
Abraham Lincoln: Courageous Leader, Lillian J. Bragdon (1809-1865)
Clara Barton: Red Cross Pioneer, Alberta Powell Graham (1821-1912)
John Muir: Protector of the Wilds, Madge Haines and Leslie Morrill (1838-1914)
Thomas Alva Edison: Inventor, Ruth Cromer Weir (1847-1931)
Luther Burbank: Nature's Helper, Lillian J. Bragdon (1849-1926)
Jane Addams: World Neighbor, Miriam Gilbert (1860-1935)
The Wright Brothers: First to Fly, Madge Haines and Leslie Morrill

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