Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pattern Blocks

"Where did you get these books?" 
A newer to homeschooling mom asked.

These resources were the treasures I collected at my very first homeschooling conventions and used curriculum sales. Twenty years an counting, the pattern block books (along with the tangram materials) remain some of our family learning favorites. Buckets of pattern blocks, wooden or plastic, contain green equilateral triangles, blue rhombi, tan rhombi, orange squares, red trapezoids, and yellow hexagons. Pattern blocks teach concepts in patterning and geometry as well as fractions.

Earlier this week a little learner pulled the bucket of wooden pattern blocks and Animal Patterns from our resource closet.

We found other great ideas online. Giant pattern blocks for the littlest learners. Older learners may desire more complex patterns and puzzles.

Our learners played for at least an hour, using templates and then designing their own geometric creations. Pattern blocks, once again, helped make math real!

Adding pattern block ideas to my Pinterest boards for those who follow!
Other geometry favorites here

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