Thursday, June 12, 2014

Read What Interests YOU!

"Honey, this is a great book!" 
Words from an engaged read-aloud Dad, spoken sitting aside his daughter; the two of them engrossed in the plot of Kit Carson: Boy Trapper by Augusta Stevenson.

Read what interests you!
Little leaner chose the book from several she pulled from our home library. Eager, she carried her treasure to Dad. Together, they read. Together, they learned. 

"Mom, we just read 36 pages!"

Another learner needs a new read...

"Mom, help me find  a book."
At the shelf, I locate John Wannamaker: Boy Merchant by Olive W. Burt. I bubble over with excitement! As a child my parents took me to Wannamakers Department Store in Philadelphia to see the Christmas play and hear the organ. 

I was hooked! I reminisced, telling my daughter of our train rides to the city and the day in the store. She was hooked, too! We read together. We learned together.  

"Mom, read another chapter, please!"

Learning is contagious...

Read what interests you!

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