Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bowling Lessons, Mom Style

Family bowling day. 

Love the summer kids bowl free program. Our busy week had branched us out, but today we gathered together, to reset, to enjoy one another. As I watched each child approach, toss, and celebrate their frames, I reflected on my motherhood journey.

I reflected:

  • High five when they score a turkey...and when only one pin falls. Each pin is worth celebrating!
  • Sometimes you have to use strategy. Other times use the ramp to guide the ball.

  • Love your husband well, even if the ball rolls to the gutter. No doubt there was effort behind the throw even if the end result was not what was intended.
  • One person's three pin is an another person's strike; everyone is unique. Celebrate the individual, not just the accomplishment.
  • Use the bumpers (a.k.a support network) when needed...and be willing to be someone else's bumper.
  • Everyone needs encouragement, even the pro bowler (a.k.a veteran mother)
  • Don't head to retirement too early; there is always a beginner needing some tips and hints to the game.

  • Use the right size ball for YOU. Heavier balls, ones suited for someone else can cause injury.
  • Approach the lane confidently...and focus on the pins.
  • Adapt your approach to your game. Some bowlers walk methodically and launch, others walk to the line and throw. Each approach is unique to the bowler.
  • Don't let the one pin left standing discourage your game. There is a reset button.
Family bowling day. A day of family togetherness and learning, for all ages, bowlers and non-bowlers. A day well-spent. 

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