Saturday, September 5, 2015

Torn Paper Rainbows

"Cheryl, take the kids out to see the double rainbow!" 
Mom called, encouraged.

Out we went. Raindrops continued to fall. 
Sun brilliantly overcoming wet shadows. 

Children and I look up, mesmerized, awed!

Like a fresh watercolor. Radiant.

Learning moment launched.

"I want to make a rainbow!"

Pulling from my mind activity file, construction paper colors gathered. Glue found. 

Together, thirty minutes, tearing paper-- fine motor strengthed--a colorful paper rainbow appeared. 

Mesmerized, awed. 

"Mom, look what we created!"

A together moment. A learning moment. 

And a rainbow gleaming through water droplets started the process.

It was simple and it was glorious. 

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