Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is the Day...

This is the day the LORD has made! Yes, and this is the day my DH returns from the Dominican Republic and my DS returns from Mexico. Both served people living in poverty.

Mike, part of a team of 38, accompanied 10 at-risk teens on their journey to serve people in poverty greater than their own. It was an adventure which took planning, patience, and perseverance as these teens prepared with passports and packing. Several had not been out of the city, others had never stepped foot on a plane. They return this afternoon. Can't wait to see them!

My DS, a student leader with his youth group, has been gone for 2 weeks. His adventure began as a 24-hour trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he attended training to build water purifiers. From Aqua Clara, he boarded a plane, headed back to Orlando, into a Centra Care for an ear infection and joined the Mexico team, already on the first day of their journey (what a quick 36 hours that was!) Team Mexico departed Orlando headed to Chihuahua to build water purifiers for the poverty-stricken people of the Brickyard. I have followed their blog, but can't wait to hear the stories face-to-face!

So, my children are more than excited, kind of like soda pop which has been shaken, ready to explode. We'll tidy the house, make it smell sweet (remember, it is the girls here at home...and DS #2 who has been an amazing help with yard work and upkeep), and prepare for excitement beyond the midnight hour (DS's plane lands at 11:00). The girls already told me they are not going to bed until everyone is back home.

This is the day the LORD has made! We wait eagerly for it to unfold. What does GOD have planned for this day He prepared for YOU?


  1. Oh. . . .I'll be meeting a certain plane as well! With hurting hearts we said goodbye to our French student today, and now my arms get to hold my girl again!

    PS The photo of the water filter was so amazing. I LOVE the look on your Josh's face.

    Yes, Josh. You did that. :-)

  2. I thought I loved his look because he was my son! Joy filled his face. We talked last night until 2:30. I'm sure the day will be filled with more stories.