Thursday, April 18, 2013

Creative Minds at Play

"Mom, look! We created our own well!"

Obviously I had trod into a new colonization. I could tell by the busy settlers and the fishing poles (sticks that is). Popped right up in my backyard! A few hours of hard work later, the "leaders" had designed a well (which one settler was using to fill up a bucket to carry to the vegetable garden) right in the middle of the colony. One person was in charge of caring for the pigs and the chickens, another the vegetable garden. Felt like I was in Plymouth.

One settler offered to give me a tour. I obliged. And what a tour I had! Smiling faces. Happy colonists. Each doing a job, working together. On the last leg of the tour I was encouraged to visit the duck pond complete with blue water lilies (thanks to the faded print on an old bath towel). This is where ducks could be hunted for dinner. They had thought of everything!

I walked back to the front of the house, smiling inside. What ingenuity! Reminded me of my childhood days. Wonder what their next adventure will be?

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