Monday, July 22, 2013

"Mom, I Want to Build Something!"

The most recent statement from our child who recently announced, 

"I want to be an engineer." 

How did that child come to that conclusion? Not certain we had ever done an "engineer" study. Must know an engineer? Did the child overhear conversation with an engineer? Hmmm. Where did the revelation come from? 

A child has a longing, a desire. Louis Pasteur asked questions and searched for answers. He got answers, and saved lives. The Wright Brothers wanted to fly. They experimented and they did. A child inspired. Where will that inspiration lead? Pondering how to fan the flames, like Jeanne Roqui, Susan Wright, and many other moms.

Another day another idea.

Finding some PVC pipes, elbow and connectors, a tent frame erected in the front yard. Same child.

Now, convinced this is more than a passing thought, I notice the common thread. Building is part of the unique design.

Almost immediately I remembered an older sibling designing with an extensive set of KNEX, 13 years ago. Dug out of the back of a closet, the set was reopened, rediscovered, pieces rumbling. Something was happening, like a mind-quake.

What is being built? The curiosity bubbled inside me. I couldn't wait to see the results of a imaginative mind, a curiosity.

Before long..

"Look what I built!"

Complete with a rotary dial, which was added after consultation with an older sibling.

"Mom, I want to build something!"  

What an ingenious builder you are!

How can I help you be the best builder you can be?


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