Friday, July 19, 2013

Problem. Solution. Others Benefit.

My daughter saw a problem. Our play set needed care in order for our littles to have any chance of enjoying it the way she did.

"Mom, what if make the repairs, add additional weather conditioning?" 

Not really how I wanted to spend my time, but she was right. I appreciated her initiative, her heart. I knew I needed to encourage and help in the process.

Our family embraced the idea. The littles would appreciate our efforts.

Off to the home improvement store. Call Pop for instruction.

In days, work started. In days, work completed. 

Ingenuity. Initiative. Collaboration.

Problem. Solution. Others benefit. 

In the process, relationships were deepened and my daughter initiated a project, saw it to completion while involving others, and learned new skills.

Where will this experience be documented in her high school accomplishments? Another day. Another blog.

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