Monday, August 10, 2015

Celebrate Simple Goes to HERI Conference in Jacksonville

Just two weekends ago Celebrate Simple traveled to HERI Conference in Jacksonville. We shared workshops on using living books to teach history and science, teaching math concepts to little learners while cooking and working in the kitchen, raising a contagious reader, and sharing four essential lessons our young adult son learned while being home educated. Cheryl and Josh enjoyed presenting their workshop together to a full room. 

Between workshops we listened to parents share their experiences and helped them process their coming year. We answered questions about teaching measurement with tape measures and egg timers, how to keep high school records and everything in between. Our booth was outfitted with tools and treasures--simple items to teach profound truths and concepts--from coin stickers and paper money, to balance scales, living books, and one of our very favorites, the Magiscope. On our science table, little learners (and adults!) were invited to discover small wonders including an abandon wasp nest, a butterfly wing, and crystals.

What a treat to encourage parents of preschoolers through young adults that weekend! Our twenty-one year journey, from preschool to high school graduation several times over, has taught us parents as much as our children. 

Learning together, building family relationships, priceless. 

It is the simple things. Be sure to celebrate them!

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