Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Engineering for Curious Minds

Legos cover the living room. Piles of "special" parts lace the fringes. Organized and easily accessible.

Three days and counting (yes, we even left them out as we anticipated guests, because the learning was just that amazing). Couldn't stop progress!

Day one, a Civil War camp was erected. Yesterday, a pulley system brought water to the soldier's camp.

Today, a catapult was designed. Three sisters, different ages, working together. Asking questions. Collaborating. Problem solving. Once in awhile, I hear, "Mom, will this work?" Though I feel somewhat limited in my engineering abilities, working together we were able to figure out a solution.

In the midst of the process, in an effort to help my daughter understand the science behind a catapult, I found a video about potential and kinetic energy. The contents moved mind gears in a different direction. I wonder if I will find a roller coaster in my living room tomorrow?

More engineering

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