Wednesday, June 12, 2013



The summer may be hot, but the elementary learners in my house decided to cool off on a three day adventure with penguins!

After watching March of the Penguins, our curious little ones checked out several library books about penguins.

The books inspired us to make a lap book about penguins.  Most of our resources came from Evan Moor's January Theme Pocket.   Instead of making a pocket book, we glued file folders together, accordion style, (cutting a rounded top for the top of the penguin-shaped book) to make the framework of our lap book.  We covered the front cover with black construction paper, rounding the top, and added a white oval for the penguin's tummy.  Orange feet were added to the squared-off bottom.  A triangle beak and round white eyes became the face.  Inside the book we made pockets for the information we collected, glued a map to one page, made a graph of penguin heights, and sponge-painted a page with an arctic scene.  One arctic scene can be seen in the photo above.  We hope our cool arctic adventure inspires you to cool off during these warm months!

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