Friday, June 21, 2013

We DID Accomplish Something!

"I can't believe we did all this!"                                                

"Look at my photo book!"

"My reading list is HUGE!"

"I can't wait to show you the book I wrote!"

The exclamations of evaluation season are exhilarating! Children astounded by what they learned, eager to share what they accomplished. These are the days of summer, when children sit at our table and page through work samples and explain projects which denote the progress of their year. Booklists. Art pieces. Maps. Rock collections.

In our state we are blessed to have portfolio evaluations as an option for our annual home education reviews. My children, and the children of families we evaluate (my husband is a state certified teacher), appreciate this option. Evaluation days are show-and-tell days, days when parents and children see the fruits of a year well spent, remembering relationships built, whether with grandma or the local baker who hands out free cookies. Who doesn't like the opportunity to share what they accomplished? Children wait all year for evaluation day.

And moms? Speaking from experience, putting our children's portfolios together is hard work filled with satisfaction. Seeing the binder expand as projects, papers, photo sleeves, and pamphlets are added, reminds me that, indeed, we did accomplished quite a bit. Refreshment to my heart as I remember the days when I asked, "Are we getting anything done?"

As this weekend approaches and passes, Monday will arrive and once again the doorbell will ring. On the other side of the door waits a child, eager to page through a portfolio. The child's smiling face is the product of the wondrous, creative opportunities made possible by parents who sacrifice time and energy to educate their children. Now that is the ultimate accomplishment!

*This blog post is not intended to be legal counsel. As home educators, parents hold the responsibility as to the education of their children.

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