Saturday, March 15, 2014

Learning with Living Books: The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

Sitting with some of my older learners in a flight class where they are learning to read flight charts and maps to make a flight plan. Can't help think about The Wright Brothers and other aviators who paved the way for where we are today.

Living books have allowed our family to join Orville and Wilbur, as young boys, in their workshop where they drew plans (because their mom encouraged them to draw their creations first) and then built. We smiled as they tried to make their sled travel faster and their kite fly higher. The books, The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation by Quentin Reynolds in particular, allowed us to "live" at the time of the brothers, experiencing the time period, one we would not experience otherwise.

Reading The Wright Brothers sparked an interest to learn more, dig deeper and then extend our study to other aviators.

Wilbur and Orville Wright: Young Aviators, Augusta Stevenson
The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot, Alice Provenson
The Story of Amelia Earhart, Adele De Leeuw
Amelia Earhart: Young Air Pioneer, Jane Moore Howe

Our family has loved where living books have taken us. Where will they take your family?
Share your experiences in the comments.

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