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Living Books Forum: Workshop Descriptions

April 5, 2014, Metro Church, Winter Springs, FL

Workshop Descriptions

8:30 am  Doors open for check in with opportunity to browse book tables, get a cup of coffee
9:00- 9:30am The Power of a Story- Bob Farewell
Living Books Basics: Life-Changing Potential - Cheryl Bastian and Tina Farewell
We can work beside Thomas Edison, fly the Atlantic with Charles Lindbergh, and discover Narnia with Lucy and Peter through the incredible power of Story. Living Books introduce us to people, places, and experiences—real and imagined—which touch hearts and minds. Booklovers Tina Farewell and Cheryl Bastian share practical experiences from the whys and hows of successful family read aloud time to developing an excellent Want-to-Read Book List and building a home library that will shape a family’s culture with a Museum of Memories.
How to Create an Interest-based Study- Holly Giles
Living books can be used to create a learning adventure, an interest-based study. Holly Giles will present practical ideas for using informational and living books as well as community resources to cover all content areas in an integrated unit study. She will demonstrate how to compile a study using living books as the foundation with examples from Pagoo by Holing C. Holing (beach and sea life, shelling, weather, geography, and field trips), Misty of Chinoteague by Marguerite Henry (islands, horses, farming, weather, historical events, and field trips), and The Last Egret by Harvey Oyer (Florida history, Indians, birds, waterways, and ecosystems).
11:15am – 12:15pm
Making Language Arts Meaningful: Copywork, Grammar, Vocabulary and More! - Tina Farewell
It’s so easy to make the language arts come alive using Living Books, including the finest Living Book, the Bible. Tina Farewell explains the language arts components as well as the life application of copywork, grammar, vocabulary, listening, comprehension, questioning, and conversation and how these concepts can be taught in meaningful, simple, and realistic methods.
Not Just Literature: Weaving Living Books into High School Courses – Cheryl Bastian
Living books do not have to be abandoned as young adults approach and enter high school. In fact, their learning potential makes them ideal for high school. In this workshop, Cheryl shares how to integrate living books into any content or interest area, ultimately teaching and bolstering high school level (and beyond!) content. The benefit: the young adult becomes well-read and remembers what was learned. Included in the workshop will be suggestions for accommodating middle and high school young adults with learning challenges.
Fantasy: Pros and Cons- Bob Farewell
Examine fantasy; see for yourself the delightful way it stimulates the imagination. Character traits, moral decisions, good versus evil—these impact young persons for life. From the writings of Hans Christian Andersen and George MacDonald to C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, we can learn much from the created worlds of these exceptional storytellers. Join Bob Farewell, a lover of Story, to learn how to integrate this genre in your home learning environment.
12:15- 1:00pm Bring Your Own Lunch for Books and Conversation
1:15 – 2:15pm
Eureka! History, Science, and Geography with Living Books for One or More Learners – Cheryl Bastian and Tina Farewell
“I found it!” A curious child shares the excitement of discovery, a question answered, much like the exhilaration enjoyed by explorers, inventors and leaders who changed history. Who were those influential people? How did they change history? What did they discover? Where did they live? What was their sphere of influence? Cheryl and Tina invite parents to help children ask questions, fueled by learning, sparked by history, geography and science, which came alive through the study of prominent (as well as inconspicuous) people and significant events with Living Books.
Favorite Read Aloud Books: Creating Lifetime Memories through Sharing Living Books- Bob Farewell
Out of thousands of books available, what makes a certain few stand out? What do families love about them? What makes them great for all, both children and adults? As Robertson Davies wrote, “A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity, and once more in old age.” Each family’s culture is unique-based upon the books and experiences they have shared. Relive some of the Farewell family’s favorites in this workshop.
2:30 – 3:15pm
Q & A: Get Your Questions Answered! – Bob and Tina Farewell, Holly Giles & Cheryl Bastian
All attendees will be given a 3x5 card when they check-in at the Living Books Forum. As the pages of the day are turned, attendees are invited to write down questions they feel were not answered during the day. The epilogue for the day will be a forum Q&A to get those questions answered. We hope you will make plans to finish the day with us!

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